An Insight Into Shamanic Healing with Eddy Elsey

11 November 2018

Make peace with your broken pieces – R.H Sin

For me, discovering, loving and healing myself is an ongoing process. It’s a journey, to truly love every evolution of who I am, who I have been, and who I will become.

A big part of this exploration and acceptance of self for me, is healing. I’ve tried so many different avenues. From spiritual and energy based, to cognitive and subconscious mind related techniques and I feel that all have played a part in my growth. Through these practices I have dealt with various life traumas both minor and not so minor, and although I understand them and have overcome many of the lingering emotions and patterns they left behind, I felt there was still a deep-rooted core issue I had not yet tapped into.

Before I met Eddy, I knew there was an energy blockage I wanted to shift – I just wasn’t entirely sure what it was. I had listened to his podcasts and enjoyed his views on life and the journey we go through. I was also intrigued by Shamanism, the offerings given to each element and praise of nature all combined with the ether and spirit.

In this article, I will be humbly sharing views on my session with Eddy, as an outsider stepping into this new territory. I won’t be delving into the practices Eddy performed during my healing as I believe these are personal to each individual and should be experienced one on one. Should you want to find out more about Shamanism or book a session with Eddy you can visit his Street Spirituality website here.

Our meeting began with a conversation. I felt completely at ease and happy to open up, knowing that what I said was safe and faced no judgement. We discussed the reason why I had wanted this session and trawled through my past experiences until the tip of the iceberg revealed itself. During this conversation, there was a lightbulb moment. Eddy had a completely different perspective on my situation and opened me up to a view I hadn’t acknowledged before. It was like finding that itch that you know is on your body but you’re not quite sure where.

After this, Eddy guided me into a meditation where I was forced to take accountability for myself. It’s something we so often neglect (myself especially), I think ‘oh I don’t really like that part of myself, or that time in my life so I’ll just pretend I don’t do that or that that didn’t happen’. Once the meditation finished, we discussed some of the things I had visualised and moved onto the healing. As I said, I won’t go into specifics as I think that should stay private, I also don’t know enough about the actual techniques and wouldn’t want to wrongly phrase anything.

However, I will tell you what I felt. During the healing, despite being aware of my surroundings I was completely relaxed. At certain points, I felt physical changes despite not being touched. It began with a dull ache in between my cheek and jaw on the left side of my face, as if someone was pushing their finger into that area. After this, I also felt like I had a very sore throat, again on the left side. Another thing that occurred after the healing was a mild headache – this headache is something I have always had after energy balancing. I have been previously told that it’s there constantly but that I block it day to day. Clearly, I am still doing that.

I felt completely calm during the whole healing and couldn’t tell you how long it was. After the healing was finished, Eddy told me to take my time and left the room. The second I opened my eyes, I felt different. I sat back on the chair and it was like the air had changed. It felt close, the room felt busy. Like the walls were right by my shoulders. It also felt like I had a cushion behind me, moulding around my head and shoulders. Almost as if, if I fell backwards, something would catch me.

Eddy gave me an explanation of what he’d done which included removing stale energy, ancestor connection and soul retrieval as well as some insight into elements and mantras I should acquire a bond with. It’s amazing what your body and energy can tell someone. Eddy said three key things to me after the healing. Things that have been so key in my life.

1.) There is no need to feel guilt for not breaking patterns

2.) Trust your inner goddess, self-doubt is not needed

3.) Try and allow situations to play out, in the here and now without controlling them

Guilt, self-doubt, lack of the here and now, a need to control. He couldn’t have pinned me better if I had given him my journal. Like I said, it’s all a journey, it’s self-discovery and this is a practice I’m looking forward to continue.

I hope you enjoyed this, and as always – feel free to ask me any questions.

Nicole ♡