Flame & Fuse

27th September at
Sawbridgeworth, Fringe Yoga

Continuing on our journey up through the elements and across our rainbow bridge we reach FIRE for our next element.

Come celebrate with a ritual for the high summer heat honouring the power of fire, kindling in pure powerful flame, fusing the destruction of the old with the welcoming of the new. We’ll start with a dynamic flow with Emma, broken down into sections with beautiful hand blended oils, turning up the heat, firing ourselves up and then letting that heat disperse, leaving us feeling focused, determined for the second half of the year. Clearing out the old to make space for the new. Nicole will follow with a deeply relaxing guided meditation and yin yoga practice.

We’ll close with a sage and palo santo stick fire ceremony and little goodybags for you to take home.

Friday 27th July from 7-9.30pm, Fringe yoga at Redricks lake. Open to all levels, book early to avoid disappointment via http://www.fringe.yoga/workshops-events-1/

When: 27th September from 19:00 until 21:30

Where: Sawbridgeworth, Fringe Yoga